Verification Tools

Today we looked into verification tools which are helpful when looking for validity to a story.

The amount of information which can be retrieved at the click of a button is shocking, if you know where to look.

It also highlighted the importance of ensuring any information is accurate and true, failure to do this could result in any number of issues from falsely accusing an innocent person to the use of copy right photos.

I think one of my favorite  tools has to be Google Reverse. This is the starting point when someone gives you a photo which claims to be evidence of a story. By running the photo through Google Reverse it is possible to trace the provenience of the photo, has it been used in any previous articles? has it been copied of a website?

This can ultimately save time before the work of unpicking the details within  begins.

Remember like they use to say on Through the Keyhole ‘the clues are there’ just check the details and facts first.