Photography – Shutter Speed

Today we looked into shutter speed and the impact this makes to the images we shoot.

The shutter speed along with aperture and ISO to complete exposure.

The faster the shutter speed,  the more detailed the image. For example when taking a shot of the rain, the faster the shutter speed 125th of a sec upwards the more defined the rain droplets will be.

For slower shutter speeds a tripod is often needed, this is due to the shutter been open for longer and detecting any movement.

To give the illusion on a moving object streaking across the image use a slow shutter speed but keep the camera still.


This is an example of when the camera is still with a slow shutter speed.


This shot is take by moving or panning the camera on a slow shutter speed with the movement of the car. It gives the illusion that the car is actually stationary with but building blurred in the back.