Self-Initiated: Think Mobile Friendly Web-design

When thinking about the layout for the Hull Central redesign I needed to take into consideration the look of the chosen platform on mobile devices.

More and more frequently people are accessing information on the go on mobile phones and tablets so it is important that this be taken into consideration.

The current theme works okay however, if i’m honest is not the most inspiring website I have ever seen and would not choose to stay on there.

The theme I have chosen works well on mobile platforms:mobile 3

A ticket tape revolves across the top of the page for the headlines.

Featured stories are highlighted front and centre.

A hamburger to the side next to the social media icon allowing access to the contact and our team pages.

The scroll bar on the side takes the reader to other content or they are able to search for things of interest using the bar at the top.


A New Look For A New Year at Hull Central

After hours of searching I have finally chosen a new theme for the Hull Central news site.

This was really hard to imagine so I made a brave choice to re-brand my own site as a kind of living dummy version.

This would allow me to physically see what the page would look like and how it would respond in a mobile format.

The theme chosen is called News Unlimited and it does as it says on the tin

To content on the dummy Hull Central website is my own, however it does give a clear indication of how it will look.

When deciding on the colours I took into consideration where we are based on opted for the orange theme as it connects with the HSAD colour, it is also really warm and inviting.

The layout is simple, yet clearly laid out making it easy for people to navigate.

Links will be included to social media feeds and other relevant locations.

The Our Team page will allow us as students to promote who we are and what we as individuals do.

In addition it allows the readers to put a face behind the words. This makes the whole site feel more personal and helps the readers connect with us.



week 2 photos


Taken in queens gardens on 26th Sept 2016

The first thing that appealed to me was the bright colours and new growth of the flowers, in contrast to the withered dead leaf’s below.

I feel the contrast in colour adds depth to the photo, whilst the surrounding leaf’s almost act as a frame.


Taken  in Queens Gardens 26th September 2016

The shape of the tree struck me with its cascading leaf’s and long extending branches. there is something almost magical when you stand under and look at the sky. The leading line of the tree trunk guides your eye to the branches, leaves and the sky beyond. The contrast between the dark of the tree and the light of the sky adds interest and depth.




Taken Queens Gardens 26th September 2016

This shot was chosen due to the symmetry of the tree in the centre of the shot. This is amplified with the addition of the three benches lined behind the tree. The rule of thirds has been followed with the wall clearly defining the  lower third. There is also a vertical background definition between the building and skyline.