Photography – Composition

The theme of this weeks lesson is the composition of photographs. This is something i knew very little about. It explains the foundations of what makes a good photo and what draws in the eye.

Rule of 3rds

  • Never place the focal image in the center of the picture
  • when shooting landscape pictures there should never be a 50:50 split between the land and sky, ideal is 2:1
  • Balance the main image with a lesser image

Leading line’s 

  • The line’s that guide through an image
  • They take you on a journey


  • using objects in the fore and background


  • When the image has symmetrical or mirroring of an image
  • The whole image, or a feature of the image such as a building or trees


  • A natural framing of the subject with trees buildings or other elements

Golden Triangle

  • It is said that most shots consist of 3 triangles, the joining point is the subject of the picture