The Archbishop of York blesses new school

As part of my work experience at That’s York TV I was asked to go to the official opening and blessing of the Minster School’s new Nursery building in the restored ‘White House’

The brief was to film and edit a package for the evening TV news broadcast.

There were a couple of little obstacles to over come the main being that I broke my tripod so had to free hand things.

The editing was quite interesting as the Archbishop was very animated, providing plenty of quality footage.

The white flashes at the cuts were the choice of the editor, i would have preferred a softer cross fade.


What is News?

Today we spoke about what news actually is.

We were given the quote ” When a dog bites a man. that’s not news, because it happens so often. But if a man bits a dog, that’s news”

Quote from John A Bogart in F.M. O’Brien’s book Story of the (New York) Sun (1918) Chapter 10

News is something that’s happening know and relevant.

The most impact full news include people, real people, real lives and real events. They may be controversial, dramatic, even bizarre but real.

Innovation, medical and scientific breakthroughs, financial and political these are all relevant.