Social Media Management Platform Research

When looking to promote and develop a social media campaign over various platforms there are several way in which this can be done.

1, Using Individual Tabs/Pages on a Browser

This is the most straightforward, but not the user friendly way is to have a tab open, one for each platform.

2, Using a Social Media Management Platform

The easiest way to manage multiple platforms or multiple pages is a Management platform. The issue…there are as many management as there are well…

When choosing which to choose you need to know that you want/need it to do:

  • What social media you will be using? Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest
  • Do you need to interact with people in real time on the platform
  • Will scheduled messages be required?
  • Do you have a budget for

I have looked into many of these but for the purpose of this research have highlighted four:


This is a free platform that is compatible only with Twitter.

This works incredibly well if you need to interact with people in real time, it also allows you to schedule tweets.

There are a wide range of analytical tools which allow you to monitor what is going on and recognise any patterns





Buffer is a popular platform which  specialises scheduling and analysis.

It works across most popular platforms and offers a choice of plans depending on requirements.

Whilst this is definitely has its place, but does not have the same interaction availability in real time.


Social Pilot 


In a similar manor to style to buffer Social Pilot is perfect for those who wish to be pro active but not reactive in real time.

As a tool there are many functions which mean managing multiple platforms and programming messages and content cross platform.

This platform like most has a free to use option.


This is by far the best and most popular platform for cross platform management tool.

On the free version you can register upto three social media accounts and break them down into tabs as shown in the image above.

The paid accounts range from the cheapest at £16.99 per month for 1 user running upto 10 logins.